Growing up around Boulder, CO – I was introduced to the natural consumer goods scene by my mother at a pretty young age.  She made sure that she always fed me food that was either locally sourced or from a market that stocked brands she trusted to use high quality natural ingredients.  At the time the natural consumer goods market was still in its infancy, meaning there was not the vast amount of natural options to shop that are available today.  To me as a young person it was hard to enjoy most of the products that I was fed, when more often than not; my classmates at school were eating mainstream products formulated with high amounts of sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors.  It was not until I became a young adult that I experienced my own personal food revelation, and realized what my mother was trying to do.

Today in this country, and around the global marketplace, so many consumers are beginning to have the same revelation that I did as a young adult.  People are waking up to the harm of artificial ingredients, potential risk of GMO’s, and poor manufacturing practices that have been taking place for quite some time.  Small businesses and large corporations have begun to take notice, and are making changes to the consumer goods industry to cater to the new demands of an evolving market.  This has caused a never before seen growth trend for the natural consumer goods market, and for consumers themselves.

The people of my hometown, Boulder, CO; have always been trend setters when it comes to natural consumer goods.  Recently the people of Boulder have enacted the steepest sugar sweetened beverage tax in the entire country.  There are now other cities around the country looking to fall in suit with this decision to combat childhood obesity.  At the crux of this decision, I found myself remembering my childhood; and how hard it was as a young person to resist the temptation of unhealthy mainstream products that were marketed to target kids.

Colorado has been a national trend-setter in many ways; from recreational marijuana to innovative consumer goods.  One of the biggest things that set our state apart from other places around the country is our state’s avid love for brewing beer.  Here in Colorado the creative drive of master brewers from all around the world has culminated and flourished.  I myself fell in love with the art of brewing, and have been a home brewer for many years now.   

As a young entrepreneur I have become an astute observer.  I have learned to look out into the world in search of problems to provide solutions for– as almost every successful entrepreneur must do.  Growing up I found I have an interest in producing natural foods.  As an adult I have learned that I also have a creative passion for brewing.  With this in mind I decided to take a deeper look into the consumer beverage market.  What I saw was not just one problem but three: 

1.) The people want healthier soft drinks than the products offered by the mainstream beverage industry. 

2.)  Some people do not like products that use sugar alternatives. 

3.)  When in comparison to our state’s demand for artisan beer; there aren’t many non-alcoholic products that tap into our need for creative culinary exploration.

After some persuasion from very supportive girlfriend, and some advice from family and friends, I decided to take some personal time for deep introspective consideration as to what I am passionate about.  I found I am equally passionate about natural food production as I am with professional brewing.  After identifying the current problems with the natural consumer goods and beverage industries, I had come up with a solution.  The demand for a new soft drink is evidenced by a call for change from the people. It is time to answer that call.  That day Shane’s Front Range Soda Co. was born. 

We have hand crafted a line of all natural, vegan and gluten free sodas that use high quality natural ingredients and Colorado spring water.  We are daring to change the industry with our 9.2 Fl. Oz. bottles.  Our product contains less sugar per serving, but does not use any sugar alternatives.  None of our products contain any coloring additives whatsoever.  We also only use organic citric acid as a natural preservative.  The result is a product that tastes better, feels better, and is cheaper to distribute in cities that have a sugar sweetened beverage tax.  Shane’s Front Range Soda Co. was made for you –the consumer, in an effort to share in an experience that anyone can appreciate.  We hope you come to enjoy our soda as much as we do.

Our mission is not only to provide a better product, but to change the industry all together.