1)      Q:  Why are Shane’s Front Range Soda Co. bottles smaller than other sodas?

a.       If you haven’t noticed, Shane is riding a pony.  That’s because were bringing the “pony” back to the American market.  We believe that moderation is a wonderful thing.  Almost every soda on the market has more sugar than the AHA daily recommended intake.  That means if you are trying to adhere to these recommendations; for yourself or your children, one soda is too much.  Our lowered sugar formulation paired with our 9.2 fl. Oz. bottles makes it so you can still enjoy a soda from time to time without going over your daily recommended intake from just one soda.  Another astute observation would be that the bottles are admittedly just pretty cool.

2)      Q:  Why doesn’t Shane’s Front Range Soda contain “natural” or artificial coloring of any kind?

a.       Caramel color additive is the most commonly used coloring found in soft drinks.  Some types of caramel coloring contain a carcinogenic chemical known as 4-methylimidazole or (4-Mel).  In addition; when processing some formulations, anhydrous ammonia is used to adjust the pH.  In addition some of the products are then treated with Sodium acid sulfate and ammonia sulfate.  Even in some “natural” formulations without the use of harsh chemical processing, the coloring can leave behind a burnt taste.  This requires beverage producers to add more sugar to mask the flavor.  To us – we like to keep it simple.  We rely on only the natural color of spices and ingredients.  Our product might not look the same as others, but we pride ourselves in being different.  This is also why our bottles are clear and not brown.  There is no need to hide the natural color of our soda. What you see is what you get. This is one of the things that make our product unique.

3)      Q:  Why do you only use Colorado spring water?

a.       We take every measure to bring you the highest quality ingredients in our product.  That being said, water is the most important ingredient of all.  Many of the ingredients and high volumes of sugar you see on soft drink labels are formulated to mask unpleasant flavors.  To create the most enjoyable soft drink commercially available, you need a solid foundation.  For us this means using the most pure water locally available.  So why stop there?  We then improve upon it by adding the highest quality natural ingredients available, and voila! The outcome is a superior drinking product.     

4)      Q:  Why are there sometimes leftover spices in the bottom of my glass or bottle?

a.       Some of our sodas may leave leftover spices in the bottom of your bottle or glass.  Rest assured – they are supposed to be there.  In our production; we use real spices that then pasteurized and filtered.  Many other soda companies avoid using real spices all together because of the additional cost of ingredients and pasteurization.  We feel that our commitment to bringing you the best soft drinks on the market includes using real spices.  This is also what makes our sodas truly hand crafted, small batch artisan sodas.  So if you find some leftover spices, don’t think twice, they are all part of the process.

5)      Q:  How can I get Shane’s Front Range Soda at a retailer near me?

a.       If you are trying to get Shane’s Front Range Soda stocked at a retailer near your location, please email your local retailer about your request, and carbon copy shanesfrontrangesodacompany@gmail.com.  We are still growing and hope to bring our product to customers and retailers as possible.

6)      Q:  Does True Chocolate contain natural caffeine?

a.       Yes.  It is undeniable that chocolate in its natural form contains caffeine.  True Chocolate uses all natural cacao nibs in its recipe.  The amount of caffeine is ______ per bottle which is quite a bit less than a cup of coffee or a name brand cola.  The FDA does not require that naturally occurring caffeine content be added to our labels.  With this in mind, it is important to us that we keep or customers as informed as possible.   

7)      Q:  How do I order wholesale?

a.       To order wholesale; Email us at shanesfrontrangesodacompany@gmail.com with your request.  For larger orders or to speak with a representative, you can call (303) 547-7680.

8)      Q:  Will Shane’s Front Range Soda Co. ever make a hard root beer?

a.       Shane’s Front Range Soda Co. does not plan on producing any alcoholic beverages at this time.  There are however some great paring ideas on our blogs for our customers over the age of 21 that are a lot of fun.  Please see our blog to find a list of all of the drink ideas we have come up with.   

9)      Q:  Is Shane’s Front Range Soda produced in a completely gluten free process?

a.       All of our recipes for each of our flavors are gluten free.  Extra care is taken in our ingredient selection to assure that everything that goes into our soda or comes in contact with our equipment is gluten free as well.

10)   Q:  How do I get specialty or seasonal flavors?

a.       Specialty flavors will be available on the website or at our events while available.  Specialty flavors are all done in small batch style and will only be available to purchase while supplies last.  To request a flavor that is out of production or out of stock, please email shanesfrontrangesodacompany@gmail.com with the subject line “Specialty Flavor”.  If there is a specialty flavor you would like to experience that has not been done yet, don’t hesitate to give us your suggestion with the subject line “Specialty Recommendation”.  We always excited to try new flavor ideas and would love to get some feedback.