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Have you ever felt guilty about how much you or your kids enjoy soda?  Or have you ever opened a fresh soda only to realize later that you didn’t finish it?  We have too.  That’s why we have artfully created a premium line of sodas available in our smaller 9.2 fl. Oz bottles.  It isn’t just our use of all natural ingredients, triple-filtered water, or the fact that we use less sugar than other brands that makes us taste so good.  It’s also enjoying the pleasure of a cold soda – guilt free.  Try Shane’s Front Range Soda today, taste the difference, and you will find that you don’t want to go back.


"We are introducing new ideas to old traditions; to create a healthier soda experience."


Here in Colorado we take living a healthy lifestyle very seriously – but we also like to have fun.  Life is not always about absolutes; sometimes we just need a fair compromise.  We believe that there is a happy middle ground between sugary over-indulgence and health consciousness.   The people have spoken, and we have listened.  Sugar is overly prevalent in so many of the products available to us in our everyday lives.  That being said, some sodas with sugar alternatives can contribute to even scarier health consequences.  You may notice our sodas look a bit different from other brands.  This is because we use absolutely no color additives in any of our recipes.  Even many natural color additives undergo harsh chemical processing to achieve their color properties.  We are proud to say our products contain only organic non-bleached raw sugar.  It is important to make healthy choices, but equally important to treat yourself from time to time. We like to keep in mind our favorite Oscar Wilde quote “everything in moderation, including moderation.” With this in mind all of our flavors are available in 9.2 fl. Oz. bottles for you to enjoy in moderation.  We care about our customers - from picnic tabletops to distributors; so we have hand crafted a uniquely delicious line of beverages that aspires to be a fair compromise for all. 








Gluten free

All natural ingredients

Organic citric acid

Organic cane sugar

No artificial colors

No sodium

Triple-filtered Water

9.2 fl. Oz. bottles

Hand crafted, small batch


we are daring to change the industry with our 9.2 fl. oz. bottles.  inspired by old time pops, filled with the highest quality ingredients and TRIPLE-FILTERED WATER for you to enjoy.  relax and savor the most unique soda on the market.  ideal for those who are concerned with their daily sugar intake, or those who simply just don't finish a whole 12 fl. oz. soda before it goes flat.

we have the solution for you.



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Whether you are trying Shane’s Front Range Soda for the first time, or you are satisfied return customer; we understand unique soda is hard to come by.  Every day our soda continues to reach new customers around the Country, but Shane’s Front Range Soda can be hard to find at major retailers in many areas.  All you have to do is click shop now to start an order and we will have our premium hand crafted soda shipped directly to you.  Now you will be able to enjoy Shane’s Front Range Soda whenever, wherever and however you please!   So what are you waiting for?  Try our new online store today!

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